Network Providers

INSOMM Program Credentialed Network Treatment Providers and Polygraph Examiners

Given the relatively new and highly specialized nature of the field of sex offender assessment and treatment, the INSOMM Program has established a Specialized Credentialing Procedure for network providers. The credentialing requirements for INSOMM Program Network Treatment Providers and Polygraph Examiners include standards of experience, training, and compliance with program expectations.

The INSOMM Program goal is to create and to maintain a high standard of service for paroled sex offenders. Providing the most up-to-date, research based, and highest standard of programming and supervision techniques available has helped to decrease recidivism rates for INSOMM Program offenders in Indiana. INSOMM Program district coordinators direct referrals only to those qualifies and credentialed providers who are within the INSOMM Program Network.